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Sailing vacation during winter time.

Warm and romantic experience where the sun shines.

New attraction, yacht rental in the beautiful island of Cyprus and more…
We provide for rent luxurious motor yachts or a clasique sailing yachts and it is exclusively for you, your family or friends.  You will enjoy action and adventure while speeding through crystal waters, in fast & luxurious yacht, or sail at ease in a classique sailing yacht - any of them equipped with all facilities required for your comfort,

The skipper and crew will take care of navigation and all requirements to provide the best holiday you imagine.

Alternatively, if you are skipper yourself you may rent a yacht for self drive anywhere in the Southern hemisphere where it is summer now (from November to March).

We offer yachts rental in: Cyprus, The Caribbean, Seychelles islands, Far east Thailand,  Pacific islands Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Or large luxurious cruise ships in South America, South USA Florida, Far East, China, Cambodia and more.

Full details and reservation please apply to:
Avri Aviv,
Sail and Tour Ltd.


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