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Telephone Directory Index

In the section "Telephone Directory" you will find a list of businesses which are related to Yachting & Marine. The businesses are arranged according to the categories below in order to permit easy localization of the businesses of your interest. Choose a category, "click" on it and you will receive a list of businesses which are related to this subject.
We will be glad to receive additional businesses details which can be in interest of our readers. Please see the form below.


•  Boats Rental & Rafting
•  Boats Windsurfers & Catamarans
•  Chain - Cable - Rigging
•  Coastal & Lake Cruises - Mediterranean, Sea of Galilee, Eilat
•  Crane and Travel Lift Services
•  Electronics & Navigation
•  Emergency & Rescue
•  Magazines & Books
•  Marinas & Harbors in Israel
•  Marine Clothing
•  Marine Colleges
•  Marine Engineering & Research
•  Marine Engines - Agencies
•  Marine Engines - Repair
•  Marine Insurance
•  Marine Photography
•  Marine Police & Passport Control
•  Nautical Education Centers
•  Paints & Antifaulings
•  Repair, Construction and Maintenance
•  Rubber dinghy - Automatic Rafts & Security Equipment
•  Sailing & Navigation Schools
•  Sails & Sun Covers
•  Sea Scooters and Speed Boats
•  Water Pumps & Bilge Pumps
•  Windsurfing Clubs
•  Yacht & Vessel Survey
•  Yacht Sales & Equipment
•  Yachting & Sailing Clubs
•  Yachting Organizations
•  Yachts & Boats rental

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